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eBay Payment Automation

eBay Payment Automation program to sell virtual goods as:

  • eBooks
  • PDF files
  • any other downloadable files



VMware Fusion Enabler

VMware Fusion Enabler designed to free-up even more resources on your Intel-based Mac.
Set it-up on your Dock and Enable/Disable VMware Fusion with a simple click on the application.



Dashboard Enabler

Dashboard Enabler is a small application you can use to Enable/Disable temporarily your Dashboard to run memory/resources demanding application. It's just as simple as clicking on your Dock!



AppleTV running OS X

Mac OS X installed on AppleTV without opening the box

This article taken from and refined with appropriate files and notes that will help avoiding lengthy install and errors.



Phidgets four servo controller and Futaba S3003 servo

Controlling stuff with Phidgets

Phidgets are great! After going through two X10 controllers that failed on me two months after purchase I was looking for some dependable way on how to control my Internet connection and how to access my external hard drives when I am not home.
I did not want to keep hard drives always on and my cable modem needs to be re-booted every 3-5 days. I travel and always leave my old workhorse PowerMac G5 "on" all the time.



DIY RAID on PowerMac G5

DIY RAID on PowerMac G5

Installing ARAID 2000 on PowerMac G5. A bit crazy but it works.


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