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Stolen Mac Calls Home

Mac Calls HomeSimple program for your Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or any other Mac enables it to call home if stolen. It takes only 2 minutes to install and you never have to know it is there.

"Mac Calls Home" software is reliable solution to track and recover your stolen Mac in nine out of ten cases. It could be used for Mac desktops but we feel that it is the best solution for Apple laptops like Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PowerBook or iBook as long as it has Panther (10.3.x) or newer Mac OS X installed on it - fully compatible with Snow Leopard.
Program will not give itself away to a thief until it's too late.
Once network is available - program will report current IP address to our server and if there is enough time will silently take a snapshot using built-in iSight camera

Single License Annual fee: $14.98/year
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Make your Macintosh work for you!

In this eBook we will describe how to use your Macintosh to the fullest, how to automate things and just plain make your life much easier. After all computers supposed to make our life easier, not harder.

It could help you get a better job, lower your business spendings or just finish paid project faster!

What makes this eBook different from information you can find on the Internet is that most tasks described in it require no user intervention or no user at all. We like our Macs just do the job for us!


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