Make your Macintosh work for you!

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In this eBook we will describe how to use your Macintosh to the fullest, how to automate things and just plain make your life much easier. After all computers supposed to make our life easier, not harder.

It could help you get a better job, lower your business spendings or just finish paid project faster!

What makes this eBook different from information you can find on the Internet is that most tasks described in it require no user intervention or no user at all. We like our Macs just do the job for us!

  Your Mac OS X based Macintosh:

  • Based on one of the oldest, most popular and bug-free UNIX Operating System: FreeBSD
    It's been bullet-proof for years and still is.
  • Macs have the most beautiful GUI ever built for UNIX platform
  • Any Macintosh Computer works equally Great for novice user and highly skilled computer professional!
  • Any Mac works right out-of-the-box and already have most of the UNIX and GUI tools 99% of the users will ever need!
  • Macs are highly flexible in configuration and have all the built-in tools to accommodate any system configuration anybody would ever need.
  • In 99% of the cases - UNIX programs run natively on Mac OS X making Macs capable of running the most software titles in the World!
  • If you own a Mac - we do not have to convince you as you already know: Your Mac just works!

Automating Daily Chores

Did you know your Mac can do daily chores for you?
Yes, you do not have to visit Websites you need to visit daily "by hand" to see the news, updates or changes. Your Mac can do it for you and generate proper reports and/or update appropriate resources every day, every hour or every minute.

Your Mac can change/update your Website or blog automatically based on time or information it collects on the Internet or elsewhere.
It can respond to a phone call, email or fax and change its daily routine completely based on the input it received.

The list of the features can go on and on and most importantly, required software to do many or all the tasks you need is either already on your Mac, available free on the Internet or could be written by you in a few simple keystrokes right on your Mac.

Order "Make your Macintosh work for you!" eBook Now!

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